Our Story

Eracura (a celtic goddess of the circle of life) was formed by Dr Karen Booth and Michelle Francis. We started Eracura because we know that there are many businesses out there that have not yet grasped that any enterprise that embraces sustainable development can still be commercially successful, indeed it is a great way to be even more successful.

It is a challenge to understand exactly what sustainability means for any one business, as it is a complex area. However, it is not all hair shirts and lentils (thankfully!).

It’s about understanding:

  • the value your organisation can add to the communities it serves
  • the benefits the organisation can bring to the environment, and
  • making your organisation more attractive to employees, customers and clients.
Note page with 'Our Story' handwritten upon it.
Wind turbines

Starting down this path is likely to involve some changes. However, our approach will lead you through any changes as painlessly as possible, because we take the time to:

  • understand your challenges
  • offer insights to help you develop, and
  • identify areas where you could focus activity.

We have real life experience, not just learned from a book, and as a result can offer practical and informed support to both challenge and engage with organisations. This means your strategy or project is the best it can be.

Our career paths are so similar we have wondered whether we were separated at birth!

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